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The PLL stars of tomorrow who call Connecticut home

We’ve spent the week highlighting Connecticut and the players are the pro level, including current players and all time greats, because the PLL is coming to town this weekend. What about the next group of stars at the pro level? Connecticut has plenty of them too. College programs across the country recruit heavily in Connecticut, particularly southern Connecticut.

It’s not easy to just name drop everyone from Connecticut. By the time the job was done, it would be time to add next year’s college stars. So, this is just sticking with the DI players, and a very small smattering of them at that. Sorry DII and DIII talent, come PLL Big Board time, I promise, I won’t leave you out. But if I did an absolutely massive Big Board today, right now, for all of college, these are names that would have a place on it and I’d expect to wear a PLL uniform.

Here are just a small sampling of some of the PLL stars of tomorrow, hailing from the Constitution State:

Will Donovan, Greenwich - All ACC LSM for Notre Dame as a freshman. He was the only LSM and the only freshman to make All ACC.

Griffin Schutz, Trumbull - 40 points for UVA, 5th on the team. An impact player on one of the deepest and most talented offenses in the country.

David Evanchick, Darien - Villanova starter at close defense as a freshman, 3 assists, 30 GBs, 14 CTs.

Justin Wietfeldt, New Canaan - Half of Michigan’s FO duo that helped take them to a Big 10 title. Faced off at just under 65% while splitting time with PLL Pro Nick Rowlett and picked up 95 ground balls.

Christian Ronda, Greenwich - 32 points from the midfield for Princeton. Six goals in the NCAA tournament in 2022. Has played attack and midfield for the Tigers.

Colin Mulshine, Riverside - Starter since his freshman year on the Princeton defense, often drawing top matchups. 10 CTs a year ago.

Leo Johnson, Greenwich - One third of a Yale attack that could all end up in the PLL. Started every game since freshman year, with 60+ points in each of his first two seasons.

Logan McGovern, Darien - 58 points last year as top UNC weapon. An explosive dodger and scorer even as a QB.

Nick Alviti, New Fairfield - First team All America East LSM. In 2022 had 88 GBs and 32 CTs in a single season for UVM.

Tucker Garrity, Newtown - 41 GBs and 26 turnovers caused as an SSDM for Jacksonville in his R-Jr year.

Jack McKenna, Fairfield - Physically overpowering attackman at 6’6, 240 lbs . CAA Rookie of the Year as a freshman, scoring 43 goals. Added 36 goals last year.

Ray Dearth, Ridgefield - Younger brother of Peter, and a top SSDM at Harvard since his freshman year

Matthew Minicus, Darien - The youngest of the Minic, and Loyola’s leading scorer as a freshman with 49 points in 2023.

Who got left out? You tell me. There's no shortage of great players from Connecticut.


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