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The PLL Players competing in the World Lacrosse Championships

All eyes in the lacrosse world will soon be set upon San Diego, as teams from across the globe come to compete in the World Championships. In 2018, the USA took home gold, narrowly edging Canada in the closing moments of the gold medal game. It’s more than likely those two nations will again be on a collision course for gold, though teams like Japan, the Haudenosaunee, and Israel will push to be on the medal stand.

The PLL built a break into the schedule this summer, allowing their players to compete for their country without missing any PLL games. The pro ranks are loaded with national team players, and that goes beyond the USA and Canada. The player pool and current DI ranks are sending players to San Diego, including for Team USA and Team Canada. Here are, by PLL club, the players that will be competing in San Diego and the nation they will represent.


Brett Dobson - Canada

Connor Fields - Canada

Latrell Harris - Canada

Graeme Hossack - Canada

Justin Inacio - Canada

Challen Rogers - Canada

Tom Schreiber - USA

Patrick Shoemay - Canada

Cam Wyers - Canada


Trevor Baptiste - USA

Danny Logan - USA

Clarke Petterson - Canada

Jake Richard - USA

Jeff Teat - Canada


Zach Goodrich - USA

Brodie Merrill - Canada

Lyle Thompson - Haudenosaunee

Jeff Trainor - Italy


Mike Adler - Israel (Rostered, but unable to play)

Josh Byrne - Canada

Curtis Dickson - Canada

Kyle Jackson - Haudenosaunee

Blaze Riorden - USA

Jack Rowlett - USA

Dhane Smith - Canada


Jesse Bernhardt - USA

JT Giles-Harris - USA

Ryan Terefenko - USA


Wes Berg - Canada

Charlie Bertrand - USA

Zach Cole - Italy

Owen Grant - Canada

TD Ierlan - USA

Jack Kelly - USA

Ryan Lee - Canada

Rob Pannell - USA


Liam Byrnes - USA

Ryan Conrad - USA

Zach Currier - Canada

Matt DeLuca - Italy

Connor Kelly - USA

Kieran McArdle - USA

Ryland Rees - Canada

Christian Scarpello - England

Michael Sowers - USA

Dillon Ward - Canada

Jake Withers - Canada


Matt Dunn - USA

Michael Ehrhardt - USA

Matt Rambo - USA

Zed Williams - Haudenosaunee


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